Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Free Norton Security Suite / Anti Virus from Comcast

Looks like Comcast has parted ways with Mcafee and is now offering Norton Security Suite to its customers for free.  No details on the reason why they are no longer offering McAfee but the Security page now allows dowloads of Norton Security Suite for PC or Mac.

I downloaded McAfee a couple years ago when Comcast started offering it for free and have been pretty happy with it.  I had it installed on two PCs in my home and have never had a virus problem.  Years ago, I did have an early version of Norton Anti Virus installed on my PC and I seem to remember needing to uninstall it as it was slowing down my PC so much.  Remembering this I was a little hestitant to install Norton Secuity Suite.  But a quick google search confirmed that the product is much improved performance wise and overall is one of the highest rated Security / Antivirus products available. 

So I downloaded the product and installed it and I have to say I am pretty impressed.  The initial download was pretty large, almost 100 mb and the install took about ten minutes.  It automatically uninstalls McAfee for you so no need to manually uninstall.  It has all of the features that McAfee had (parental controls, identity protection, backups) and does not seem to be affecting performace at all.  Best of all it is free!!!

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